This is what thin privilege looks like

I’ve been reading your blog for a while, I’m a transfat activist and I wanted to submit my own story of oppression:

Thin privilege is not being harassed for daring to take up too much space on a bus. I am a transfat individual who prefers to wear cushions underneath my clothing to represent my phantom fat and ease my transition to a larger state. I had to ride a bus home one day, and it was very crowded but I did find an empty seat that accommodated my true size. Then, at the next stop a bunch of other people got on and the bus filled up. This one cis douchelord sat next to me and had the audacity to ask me to put the cushion under the seat so he would have more room! I explained that no, I would not remove it. My phantom fat is a part of me that does not need to be violated by any white cis assholes. I told him he could stand if he insisted on having space.

I had to explain the whole concept of transfat to the ignorant ass, and (tw: ableist slur) he said I was a “total loony.” At that moment I just broke. I told him that he has no idea what it is like to be a larger person, that he doesn’t understand the trials I face every day of my life.

I called him a privileged asshole and a fucking creep and then he started tone and language policing me, which is one of my triggers. I nearly had a panic attack. He then said I was insane. I then called him out on his fatphobic, transfatphobic, and ableist shit, he wouldn’t listen to me so I got off the bus early, crying, and had to walk the rest of the way, losing the precious calories I gained that day.